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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

About Armdale

We are an evidenced based chiropractic and massage therapy clinic that has been serving the Halifax Regional Municipality since 2002. At Armdale Chiropractic our goal is to determine what is causing your pain, treat the areas of discomfort and then educate you in how to keep your pain from returning through rehabilitative exercise and postural advice.

We offer our patients the convenience of direct billing whenever possible and remind you that you do not need a medical doctor’s referral to come to our clinic for chiropractic treatment. We have early morning, lunchtime and late evening appointments for your convenience and pride ourselves on being on time for you scheduled appointment because we realize your time is important.

Meet The Team

B.Sc., DC, Chiropractor

Dr. Peter Carey

Dr. Peter Carey is originally from Stephenville, Newfoundland but now calls Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia home. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Acadia University in 1999 and graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2003. In addition Peter was certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2002.

In addition to owning Armdale Chiropractic, Peter has participated in the Independent Chiropractic Evaluators program at the Northwood Community Health Centre and does some consulting work in the insurance industry. He has participated in the Independent Chiropractic Evaluators program at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and has completed postgraduate training in rehabilitation of the spine, rehabilitation of the shoulder, strength and conditioning and functional rehab/exercise of mechanical disorders of the spine. Additionally, he has served as an independent chiropractic consultant with Rehabilitative Ergonomics, Lifemark Health, CBI Health, Centric Health, TD Meloche Monnex, Intact Insurance and Seidan Health.

When not busy at the clinic, Peter can usually be found hanging out with his wife Michelle and daughters, Grace and Lauren.

Registered Massage Therapist

Samantha McDonald

Samantha McDonald was born and raised in Toronto, and is a graduate of ICT Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy.

Samantha’s initial spark of interest for massage therapy happened during her first therapeutic treatment, which helped relieve sore upper back muscles due to years of carrying a school bag full of textbooks. Samantha was fascinated by the affects of the service and realized how fulfilling it would be to help others reach higher potentials of physical performance. She is trained and experienced in using a variety of massage techniques, fascial work, stretching & strengthening, myofascial trigger point therapy and hydrotherapy. Samantha also often takes continuing education courses relating to healthcare to consistently expand her knowledge and learn new skills.

When not at the clinic, Samantha is enjoying spending time with her pet cat, listening to podcasts, getting her daily yoga stretches in, and from time to time will go to her favourite spots to roller skate and ice skate.

Dominic Pautel
Registered Massage Therapist

Dominic Pautel

Dominic Pautel was born and raised in Halifax and is a graduate of the ICT Northumberland College of Massage Therapy. He believes through deep to moderate tissue work he can aid in the process of decreasing pain, while establishing more functionality and balance in client’s day to day lives.

Having experienced what repetitive and strenuous movements can do to the body, he is eager to share his knowledge with clients to help establish grounded health and longevity within the body and mind.

Outside the clinic, Dominic working on home building projects, painting and enjoying Nova Scotia’s rock-climbing scene.